Distributor/Reseller Cooperation

To facilitate the progress of industrial automation, collaborative robots (cobots) are playing a more and more important role in making production and manufacturing fast and efficient. HITBOT is now looking for distributors and resellers to join us and spread the convenience brought by cobots together.

Presently, HITBOT has already got customers working in various industry sectors, such as mass manufacturing, consumer electronics, medicine, biology, education, food and beverages, and more.

As long as you are holding some interests in collaborative robots, industrial automation, or intelligent manufacturing, you are warmly welcomed to join us at the moment.


Future Trends

HITBOT actively responds to the "Made in China 2025" national strategy, and are committed to reducing the cost of automation transformation and improving product ease of use. Through technological innovation, the company has developed rapidly in recent years. Our goal is to establish the HITbot brand as the first brand of collaborative robotic arms.

Product Advantages

HITBOT is a leading supplier of lightweight collaborative robotic arms, created by the top research and development of Harbin Institute of Technology. We focus on advanced industrial automation technology, and our main products are industrial machine cooperative robotic arms and electric grippers. There are no competitors in the emerging collaborative robot market.

Beneficial Development

We provide regional partners with very competitive prices, provide strong support in marketing, brand promotion, and user services, and help regional partners develop and share profits. Join us, you will get a generous return on capital and great progress in the company's strength.Join us, you will get a generous return on capital and great progress in the company's strength.

Attentive Support

HITBOT R&D team of highly skilled engineers possess extensive in-depth industrial and technical experience in a collaborative robots, robot grippers, and electric actuators to provide professional technology. Meanwhile, the best after-sales service will also be provided by HITBOT technical specialists.

What We Expect from You

* Identify with Creality values and products.

* Effective sales channels are required.

* Follow our price control policy.

* Actively promote our brand and product.

* Collect and feedback customers’ opinions.